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Our community, Our future, Our social responsibility

Published on August 15, 2022 in International Network

Today, Hudson team is honored to spend a day with 35 pupils from Nissi Trinity School in Jos, Nigeria in a hope of presenting these students with a picture of how our minerals buying center and plant operates in reality. We give kids a tour around our internal buying-center; provide access for them to see how the front-line employees work in the factory, and end up with a Q&A session, which absolutely  made their day by rising curiosity towards minerals processing procedures, how to fill up the basic paperwork at office.


Hudson, established in 2019, during the past 3 years, it has created a strong bond with local schools in the area and supported next generation in all possible ways, such as providing students with access to curriculum activities, offering workshop that allow kids to learn culture differences between China and Africa, and threw hands-on ways for pupils to learn about a range of basic work skills that they are going to use in the future.


Through a series of interaction with kids, we really felt enjoyed our presence in the area, participated in the community to improve our ability and did some good to our next generation. We will continue to enhance the bond between our company and local schools, and build a better and healthier place for kids.