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Clean Energy Infrastructure Construction

Africa has a large amount of untapped renewable energy resources, including 60% of the world's solar energy resources and abundant wind, geothermal, and hydro energy, etc. Hudson helps Africa move towards a cleaner, low-carbon and sustainable future through technological innovation, project development and other modes.

Business Scope

Distributed Energy Resource Center

Create a central hub to manage and optimize energy distribution, integrate solar, wind and hydro energy into a smart grid system, provide sustainable power and energy by a variety of clean energy sources. Make contribution to Africa's new energy transition and green development.

Construction of Transmission and Transformation Facilities

Due to historical reasons and backward infrastructure on the African continent, power supply is generally insufficient, and many regions suffer from serious power shortages. Thus, the power transmission and transformation projects become an important part of China-Africa power cooperation. We provide overall solutions from project consulting, project development, EPC construction to power plant operation, operation and maintenance, as well as financial solutions, providing customers with “money-efficiency” and “problem-solving” package solutions, which greatly improve the power supply situation in Africa and provide strong support for the local economic and social development. It has greatly improved the power supply situation in Africa and provided strong support for local economic and social development.

Unique Advantages

- Optimized construction cost               - Optimized operation cost

- Improve power generation efficiency       - Build a green ecology