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Our Company

Hudson Mining Limited has endeavored to build a comprehensive platform integrating mine assets acquisition, exploration, mining, processing, refinery, trading and global sourcing and importing for various minor minerals, new energy minerals and other non-ferrous minerals since its establishment.

As the first flagship investment project in Africa of Globelink China Investment Limited (Hereinafter referred to as GCI) practicing the strategies of “China-Africa Cooperation” and “The Belt and Road”, the establishment of Hudson was facilitated and supported by Ministry of Mines & Steel Development, Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission and Nigeria Solid Mineral Association.

Hudson has set-up an up-to-date chemical analysis laboratory and processing centers with stringent standard in West Africa, aiming to bring the advanced technologies & skills, capitals, added value and employment opportunities to Africa. Hudson links the rich mineral resources of West Africa closely with the largest consuming market of the world --China.

Our Background

Established in 1998 in China, GCI has been focusing on 3 pillar sectors including comprehensive supply chain logistics ecosystem, finance service, and venture capital with over 30 subsidiaries. The current logistics businesses under GCI involve in airlines GSSA, shipping agency, CY & CFS, freight forwarding & courier service covering global logistics networks with subsidiaries located in Asia, Europe, and Africa. GCI has developed as a market leader in the field of logistics supply chain and insurance services. Over the past decades, GCI also expanded its investment into numerous industries including mining, commercial real estate, cutting-edge technology including blockchain application & intellectual manufacture, etc.

Our Business

Hudson focuses on the whole supply chain of minor minerals and new energy minerals of Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten, Lithium, Cobalt, and Beryllium from mining to downstream smelters & refineries. Meanwhile, Hudson engages in other non-ferrous minerals such as Zinc, Lead, Copper, Tin, and as well as rare earth, etc.

Hudson also acts as sales agent for many Chinese brand machinery manufacturers, evolving sales & finance leasing including mining equipment, heavy trucks, and passenger transport vehicles, etc.