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Group CEO's Visit

Published on November 01, 2022 in International Network

CEO of  Globelink China Logistics Limited, Mr. Solomon Cai paying his 2nd visit to Nigeria during the post Covid-19 period of time, and spending two weeks with the team and strategic partners of Hudson Mining.

 It's been a wonderful chance to meet everyone from Hudson Mining Team, from front-line employees to senior management members. Hudson Mining shows the power of our diversified platform is the most evident in times of uncertainty, and markets are turning to us more than ever for our comprehensive and integrated solutions in mining industry both in Africa and in China.” Mr. Solomon stated.

Hudson Mining has been growing dramatically in the past four years, particularly in the field of discovering minor minerals, providing consistent quality minerals to clients, and ensuring safe supply-chain service at the highest level. 

During his visit, Mr. Solomon shared Group’s long-term strategy plan that to be implemented in Hudson Mining by establishing 3rd mineral buying center in Nigeria, as well as expanding the foot presence to acquisition of mining equities of Lithium,Tantalitum and Niobium. “I am incredibly excited by the opportunities ahead of us and believe we are well-positioned to continue generating durable, differentiated, organic growth and delivering value for all of our stakeholders.” Mr. Solomon added.