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Hudson x University of Lagos

Published on November 01, 2022 in International Network

Hudson paying a visit to the University of Lagos Nigeria, and forging a campus-enterprise cooperation program

On October 29th 2022, CEO of  Globelink China Logistics Limited, Mr. Solomon Cai accompanied with his senior management team members from Hudson Mining Ltd (a subsidiary company of Globelink China Logistics) paying a visit to Prof. Nubi Gbenga, the Dean of Faculty of Business,  the University of Lagos , Nigeria.


The University of Lagos was founded in 1962. It has now become the top ranking University with Confucius Institution in Nigeria. Dean of Faculty of Business, Prof. Nubi Gbenga welcomed Hudson’s visit and introduced Nigeria & China programs.


Mr. Solomon Cai, the CEO of Globelink China Logistics Group presented the core business development of Hudson Mining Ltd during the past couple of years in Nigeria, which including the establishment of two Mineral buying centers, respectively located in Jos and Ilorin, each buying center is equipped with superlative Chemical Analysis Laboratory, and the third buying center is to be erected during the Q4 of 2022.


Nigeria owns abundant and solid natural resources especially Lithium-bearing minerals, offering huge potential opportunities for exploration and development. With the rapid rise of energy vehicles usage and the stable development of 3C digital devices, the global demand for mineral Lithium has been increasingly surged.


Under Professor Nubi Gbenga’s lead, Hudson team was honored to take a closer look at the Laboratory for Lithium Bearing Minerals in the University of Lagos, and had in-depth academic discussion on how to improve the value-added benefits and provide momentum for local economic development through the research on Lithium minerals.


The University of Lagos and Hudson Mining Ltd are building jointly program towards Lithium minerals research, Professor Prof. Nubi Gbenga expressed his gratitude and expectation highly for the incoming bilateral cooperation.


Meanwhile, Hudson Team also visited the Confucius Institution of the University of Lagos, which has been ten years since its establishment. Confucius Institution plays a crucial role in delivering profound Chinese Language and Culture to the commonwealth in Africa. Today, ten years later, Hudson will also follow the lead under Confucius Institution, proactively respond to the “Belt and Road” strategy by creating job opportunities for local communities, promoting China & Africa economic development to achieve Win-Win cooperation.