Home Media News Alliance to build great achievements, China-Africa win-win --Globelink China Logistics's trip to Africa(Part 2)

Alliance to build great achievements, China-Africa win-win --Globelink China Logistics's trip to Africa(Part 2)

Published on November 09, 2023 in International Network


In the previous part, "Build a Bridge of Friendship between China and Africa and expand the East African Market", Soloman Cai, president of Globelink China Logistics Limited, together with its subsidiaries and the core business backbone of New Best Trade, visited many countries in East Africa and met with local Chinese embassies in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola, political leaders of the ruling party and relevant departments in charge of minerals. airlines and so on. Globelink China Logistics tour continues......

Part 1 Gold land-Nigeria

As the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria is the first stop of Globelink China Logistics layout of the African mineral supply chain. The leaders of the African Group focused on the various processes of mineral mining, testing, processing and logistics in Jos and Kwara State, Nigeria, and carried out multi-directional work guidance.

In addition, in order to carry out the business development of new energy vehicles in Africa, Chairman Soloman Cai and his delegation visited the headquarters of Zhuoyi International Group, the general agent of GAC Group in Nigeria. Accompanied by Chairman Chen Xiuxia of the Group, they visited the "GAC Chuanqi Automobile exhibition hall, independent brand LONTOR exhibition hall, and Zhuoyi Assembly Plant of GAC Automobile". The current situation and future prospects of the African automobile market were discussed in depth.

                                                                                                                     Globelink China Logistics visited Zhuoyi International Group headquarters.

Part 2 "model for economic development in Africa" Ethiopia

With the strong support of the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial People's Government, Soloman Cai visited Chinese Ambassador Zhao Zhiyuan and Minister Economic and Commercial Counselor Yang Yihang in Ethiopia. Soloman Cai, President of the Group, truly felt the scarcity of Chinese tantalum and niobium supply chain enterprises in the local area, and introduced to Ambassador Zhao and Counselor Yang the development status and future strategy of Globelink China Logistics, as well as the layout plan of mineral supply chain in Africa, and will vigorously explore the logistics supply chain, solar electric vehicles and other fields.


Ambassador Zhao warmly welcomed the visit of Globelink China Logistics and his delegation. After learning about Globelink China Logistics` deep cultivation in logistics supply chain, cross-border e-commerce and other fields, as well as its achievements in rare metal minerals in recent years, Ambassador Zhao introduced that Ethiopia is the sixth largest tantalum producer in the world, and the market has broad space for development. At the same time, logistics and e-commerce are important areas of economic and trade cooperation between China and Ethiopia, in addition, they are also very optimistic about the solar electric vehicle assembly industry, looking forward to Globelink China Logistics to invest in Ethiopia, creating new opportunities for Ethiopia's industrial development.

                                                   From left to right: CAI Zhuoyun, investment assistant to President of Globelink China Logistics

                                                                             Mr. CAI Chengyu, President of Globelink China Logistics

                                                                                   Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Zhao Zhiyuan

                                                    Yang Yihang, Economic and Commercial Counselor, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia


This visit to Africa has made Globelink China Logistics more determined to take root in Africa, establish a multi-center collaborative layout in Africa, radiate from the base in West Africa, further increase investment in East Africa, and gradually cover the major cities in Africa, and promote sustainable development by bringing value-added resources including advanced technology, skills, capital and employment opportunities to the local area.