Home Media News Unlocking New Horizons for African Industrial Upgrading | Launching Ceremony of Hudson Kenya Establishment & Investment Project

Unlocking New Horizons for African Industrial Upgrading | Launching Ceremony of Hudson Kenya Establishment & Investment Project

Published on June 08, 2024 in International Network

On June 6, in Nairobi, Kenya, the successful launching ceremony of the Hudson Kenya Establishment & Investment Project marked a significant milestone for Hudson. The capital infusion represents a crucial moment in Hudson’s history, signifying its expansion into the emerging African market and opening a fresh chapter in its global supply chain.


Opening Remarks: A Warm Welcome


During the event, Officers from the Kenya Investment Authority (KIA) and The State Department for Mining gathered to witness Hudson’s inauguration and the launching ceremony of the African Innovation Investment Program.


At the outset of the event, Officer from The State Department for Mining kicked off the event with a heartfelt speech, spotlighting Kenya's thriving economic landscape and welcoming Hudson's investment with open arms.


The enthusiasm was mirrored by KIA officers, who emphasized the transformative impact of Hudson's presence and pledged ongoing support to enhance Kenya's investment environment in the years ahead. 


Mr. Solomon Cai Chenyu, CEO of Globelink Investment Group, delivered a keynote speech expressing gratitude to the officers at the scene. He highlighted the diversified portfolio of the group companies and strategic successes in Africa for past years. Looking ahead, Hudson aims to deepen its engagement in multiple sectors, including value-added services in mining, clean energy + power equipment & engineering, medical supply chain + industrial park, commercial real estate update, logistics infrastructure, and financial services, all aimed at fostering sustainable growth across Africa.


Commence of the African Investment Project


The ceremony's climax was a symbolic ribbon-cutting, witnessed by hundreds of attendees, marking a significant milestone in Hudson's African strategy. As a global supply chain resource integrator, Hudson has strategically positioned itself in the African market. Since Hudson has firmly established its presence in Africa, The company has established distribution centers that integrate mining, assaying, processing, and mineral trading in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Mozambique. After years of dedicated work, Hudson has become the leading enterprises in China for the supply of tantalite and columbite.



African Innovative Investment Project Ignites Enthusiasm of Audiences


Showcasing Excellence at Kenya MineExpo 2024


From June 5 to 7, Hudson participated in the "Kenya MineExpo 2024 Exhibition," East Africa's premier international mining event. Hudson showcased its exceptional professional capabilities, advanced mining equipment, cutting-edge mineral processing technology, and robust management system, drew a large crowd of interested visitors and cooperative negotiations. Notably, Hudson forged cooperation agreements with enterprises from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Tanzania, etc.


Hudson Mining Booth Attracts A Large Number of Visitors

A Bold Vision for Africa

Hudson is forging new paths, exploring untapped opportunities, and leveraging its global supply chain ecosystem and industrial expertise and upgrading across logistics, insurance, minerals + mining, and venture capital. With its rich experience, cutting-edge technology, and efficient management, Hudson aims to make a dual impact: harnessing valuable resources and adding value to Africa's economic landscape.

This multi-dimensional approach is set to elevate the continent's economic prospects, create better employment opportunities, and drive sustainable growth across various industries. Hudson’s commitment to Africa is affirmative: it's not just participating in the market, but actively shaping the future of the continent, driving innovation, creating jobs, and fostering sustainable development across the continent.