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Multi-functional full waveform DC meter

Published on May 22, 2024 in International Network

It has all the functions of conventional resistivity/excitation meter, 2D high-density electroprocessing system, rock sample tester, and multi-parameter water finding meter.

Synchronous full waveform recording of transmit current and receive potential, real-time monitoring of self-electric interference, but also according to the full waveform potential of polarization rate for the secondary calculations.

Abundant parameters: voltage, current, apparent resistivity, apparent polarizability, natural potential, self-electric gradient, half-decay time, decay city degree, excitation ratio, deviation, metal factor, grounding resistance and voltage decay curve (i.e., inviting electric harmonic data).

Analog and digital multi-stage filtering to ensure 1uV repeatability, in the complex ground conditions can still obtain high-quality raw data.

Real-time display and storage of various types of data and draw a variety of curves or graphs; universal SD memory card, USB2.0 high-speed transmission; work software to support remote upgrades; the panel is equipped with an “infinity” pole, no need to manually switch to automatic measurement.