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Vertical Ring Pulsating High Gradient MagneticSeparator(VPHGMS)

Published on May 27, 2024 in International Network
· Low voltage,high current and low currentdensity.Internal water cooling and doublecirculation cooling mode stable magnetic field.Equipment operation rate is up to 98%;
· Optimized magnetic system design, optimalarrangement and combination of magneticmedium,background field intensity up to1.8T.vertical rotation,reverse flushingachieve maanetic mediumis not easy toblock:
· Pulsation mechanism design could improvethe separation efficiency;
· Wide separation range:upper limit:ómm,lower limit :2~10um;
· 17 series of products with more than 70specifications and models, and capacity ofa single unit is from 0.01 to 950 t/h;
· Equipped with coil pipeline cleaning system.easy for coil daily maintenance.coidesianed life is up to 10 years.