Tin Ore

Published on June 04, 2024 in International Network

One of the metallic mineral resources. Refers to tin ore reserves, reserve base, and resources. Tin is a silver-white metal with many excellent properties. The main areas of world tin consumption are tin-plated sheets, solder and fusible alloys, chemicals and other alloys. The proportion of each end-use of tin in total consumption: 31% for solder, 30% for tin-plated sheet. According to the Annual Review of World Mineral Resources, world consumption of refined tin in 2003 was 309,500 tons. In the same year, the world mine tin production of 216,100 tons, the world's refined tin production of 276,300 tons, stockpiles of 48,700 tons. According to the relevant information in 2002, the United States recycled 10,000 tons of various types of waste tin, accounting for 22 per cent of consumption, and 51,600 tons of tin in strategic reserves.